Our Design Team


Teri-Ann, CBA

Teri-Ann joined Balloon Corporate Events in 2007 while finishing university, and became a full-time member with the design team in 2011.  As of February 2016, Teri-Ann took on her most important role to date - by becoming the new owner of Balloon Corporate Events!  With her creativity, devotion and cheerful personality, Teri-Ann strives to maintain the strong values and core principles of Balloon Corporate Events that the founder Carol Mair had formed.  

Teri-Ann and her dog Lucy (a wire fox terrier) bring energy and laughs to our studio.  Teri-Ann's love of baking always has the crew eagerly volunteering to try her new recipes!



With her sparkling personality and incredible organizational skills, Charlotte was the perfect fit to lead our design department. Her creative vision has produced a multitude of fun and memorable designs, and after two years of working with Charlotte on projects we invited her in 2014 to be a permanent member of the Balloon Corporate Events family.

Also a K9 advocate, Charlotte adopted her furry friend Annabelle (husky mix) from a rescue shelter and they have been inseparable companions ever since.  Her love for traveling makes it hard to hold her down but it brings an element of cultured design to our studio table.



With 30+ years in the business, Carol has handled enough balloons to fly to the moon and back!  With Carol's creativity, dedication to her clients and love for her team, Balloon Corporate Events would not have grown into the tenacious company that it is today.  As of February 2016, Carol "graduated" from the industry to take on a new wonderful journey!  The crew of Balloon Corporate Events will be forever grateful for the knowledge, guidance and friendship that Carol, the fabulous founder, has given to us all throughout the years.