Our Qualatex latex balloons are made from 100 % rubber, making them also 100 % biodegradable.  Exposure to sunlight accelerates the biodegradability process and this deterioration is clearly evident within a few hours.  The oxidizing or frosting is the first stage of the balloon biodegrading, approximately at the same rate as an oak leaf.

Latex balloons are therefore acceptable for balloon releases outdoors, without the ribbon!


Mylar/foil balloons are made from metalized nylon (plastic) that is not biodegradable, however this material is recyclable!  Helium filled foil balloons react to temperature – the gas expands in heat and contracts in the cold.  The mylar looks deflated, but once back in a warm temperature, the balloon expands back to normal. These balloons must never be released outdoors as they are detrimental to the environment and also power lines due to the metalized nylon.

Helium filled latex balloons thrive indoors.  Here at Balloon Corporate Events we also like to "treat" our latex balloons with a liquid call Ultra High Float. This product prolongs the floating time from about 12 hours to up to 5 days – making them a hit for your whole conference, trade show or special event. And an oversized 3ft balloon, treated, can float for up to a month if in the proper environment!