We had our heads literally in the clouds with the marketing team for Smart Water at the 2016 Luminato Festival in Toronto. They approached us with their idea of having clouds hovering over a mock city.  We thought no problem. Air filled balloon clusters gathered to look like clouds, hanging from the ceiling. 

As we were getting excited about this install and to see what their 10 x 10 mock city looked like, they came back to us with no way to suspend from the ceiling and the clouds could not look like balloons. Our design team got to work. Being tasked with creating a "cotton ball" that floats and doesn't look like it's made with balloons was becoming a bit more trickier than previously expected.  

All in all, overcoming weight concerns, size issues, shape dilemmas and getting them to look just right, our team was successful by creating six voluptuous clouds!    


Andrew Lloyd Webber's national Search for Dorothy was a magical event to say the least. With so many eligible Dorothy's, the winner needed an entrance that would create enough magic and charm to make Judy Garland smile.

We wanted to help Dorothy take off to somewhere over the rainbow by ensuring she had enough balloons to take her there and back! Working closely with the stage crew, we were able to determine the number of balloons we'd need and built our hot air balloon big enough to float Dorothy into the skies (there may have also been some rope involved as well!).

By working collaboratively with the production crew, we were able to help our new found Dorothy glide effortlessly into the heavens, making this televised event as whimsical as a skip down the yellow brick road.


The organizers of the Dream Big Gala Fundraiser had some big dreams for their event indeed. About 500 sq. feet worth to be exact. With a night of celebration, imagination and dancing, Dream Big wanted to illuminate their dance floor with a modern and creative ceiling installation, adding ambiance to their giant 20,000 sq. foot tent.

Creating this beautiful piece meant many balloons needed to be inflated with an individual light bulb inside the balloon, all requiring their own power source. With the tent limiting our ability to use a proper lift, we had to get creative not only in the design, but in the execution as well.

Working proactively with the venue, we ensured that power lines were installed in advance, and our crew literally did some heavy lifting to get all into place floating above the dance floor. Our glowing cloud levitated above the venue, just high enough to catch the big dreams of their fabulous guests.

The Annual Gala at the Ontario Science Center needed to be out of this world. Quite literally in this instance. With a huge space to fill, Ontario Science Center needed nearly the full Milky Way to turn its space into deep space! Although we had earth-printed balloons, they just weren't big enough to give the full affect, so once again we had to get creative.

As many paints can break down balloons, we had to be selective and do some serious testing. After inflating 4 and 5 ft. balloons, we found the perfect mix of paint and artistry to custom-build 50 planets to create the Gala's complete universe. We designed an efficient rigging system to get them all into orbit, and the Gala left no galaxy unexplored, to infinity and beyond!


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